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I haven't had sex in the last twelve years.I will only list girls who have been officially added to the Harem, and I will only list a girl if she has either achieved, or is presenting as a different age category than she had been previously.Albus Dumbledore is still the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot it would seem.He was, much like you and James, sorted into Gryffindor House.That by no means meant there hadn't been any mistreatment from Petunia, just that it wasn't visible from outside the house.The other student being Ron Weasley, the aforementioned Weasley child. Someone's put Jar Jar Binks. In fact, just about the only types of wards that could impede her are Blood Wards and the Fidelius Charm.Only the Lord of the House of Potter could do that.If someone looked hard enough, they would see the uncanny resemblance between the elderly form Lily was wearing, and the form she normally took.It was certainly an enlightening bit of information.You know the rules of my binding to the House of Potter, it would force me to be intimate with Harry now that he is the new Head of the House.Instead of the Thirty-Three year old woman that Narcissa used to be, there now stood a stunningly beautiful twenty-five year old..Or more accurately, the blood of Lily Evans, my former incarnation.Her age would further decrease when Lily initiated the process that would turn them into Thirteen Year olds.Oh, by the way, the missing students have been found.About a week before Lily had taken Narcissa through the process that would convert her into a Half-Genie, much like Harry was.The original characters and plot are the property of the authors.I don't know what you did to Harry on October 31st, 1981, but whatever it was it is damn powerful.That said, I will instead be listing the measurements each girl in the harem.He is also the youngest Seeker Hogwarts has seen in at least a century.With that in mind, Lily traversed the green flames of the Floo to her destination.Lily was just about to go and help him get onto the platform when both Harry and Lily heard a really loud voice calling out a complaint about the station being packed with Muggles. Naruto father of arceus fanfiction. Dobby had of course been exceedingly helpful, as they discovered that he could pass through the wards on Privet Drive with little trouble.Comments: 40 Kudos: 436 Bookmarks: 140 Hits: 56053.As such she was currently wearing the appearance of an elderly woman with graying red hair.All three women knew that Narcissa's marriage contract was designed in such a way that she was married not to Lucius, but to the current Lord Malfoy, unless that Lord was her own biological son.

WARNING: Lemons (don't like then don't read), incest (you have been warned), and this fic is mostly PWP.You can thank me later;) level 2 Original Poster 2 points ? 4 years ago Thanks man.I tried to do the right thing and search via the tool but for some reason it's not working for me.. 9 comments share save hide report 54% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast Sort by best.All rights reserved Back to Top Cookies help us deliver our Services. 20+ Fem. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Thanks, P. ? Learn More.For some reason i cannot use the reddit search function at all to look for this pairing on the sub. I Agree

harry and lily lemon fanfiction

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They were all very up to date with the newest equipment, as if the room had recently been renovated for him.”.She said that this was difficult magic, and that not using a wand was going to put him miles ahead of his peers at Hogwarts but she didn’t care.He was more than likely to accidentally spill the secret than any other person she knew.He would have to ask her when he got to Hogwarts.He felt his magic flowing through it, and combined with the feeling of the wand, Harry finally felt as if he could perform magic to his fullest capabilities. Dbz lemon. Harry laughed at that notion internally, there was literally nothing different about him compared to any other boy his age, at least physically.A professor she trusted with her son, a good woman and a smart woman, who had helped during the war and was powerful enough to defend Harry from people with a certain mindset towards Vampires.Trying to keep his mind away from devious thoughts he pushed himself.”.”.Harry looked around the platform to the other families saying goodbye to their first year students.All he did was take a killing curse to the forehead.Minerva was also capable of keeping secrets, the only thing Lily would have to gamble on is her loyalty to Dumbledore, that Minerva’s moral compass in doing the right thing for her son was greater than her loyalty to the headmaster.Hermione spoke up again, “I told Neville I’d help him find his toad, but it was nice to meet all of you.He spoke quietly, so they all could hear him.It was a myth that all vampires were affected by sunlight, as Harry and his Mother felt fine in the face of the sun.Mentally he was leagues ahead, one of the benefits to being a vampire was the natural maturity it brought, along with the memory he now possessed.He gave his friend a small applause, as he walked across the hall.Rose tried to hide herself with her arms, folding them over her face while rolling away from Harry.A loud crack sounded from between them, and Draco yelped.Hannah smiled and moved forward to her new home.Can even see a little bit of the black genes in him. Isekai whorehouse. It looked like a grown mans official office, not for a student of Hogwarts.Minerva was looking at him, and she waved him forward, taking him to the side.His vampire senses were able to pickup on minuscule actions by a human.He saw them walk in and gave a gentle wave and smile of recognition to Lily, which she shyly returned.Surprised by the condition of the hat, and that McGonagall actually picked it up, Harry watched as she called out the first name of the 1.

James looked beside him to find that Lily was moving around, trying to find more space in the small area.Once they stood in front of the stone gargoyle, they stopped dead, realizing a major problem.She looked around with the same confused look on his face.Just as always, he figured his wife could come up with some solution..Lily, who laid next to him, began to stir. Jessie the walking dead. She pushed up with her arms, and looked up to find they were underground, surrounded by dirt.Pretty disturbing you would become Lily and James Potter.They made it up the front steps of the castle and headed in the direction of Dumbledore's office.Just as Lily thought he was going to happily greet them, he had his wand pointed at them.Dumbledore slipped some of the potion into goblets of water and watched both of them drink it.Her eyes widened as she realized they were in a graveyard.He couldn't fathom where he was, and was confused to find that their son, Harry, wasn't with them.We're picking him up tomorrow, and bringing him to headquarters

harry and lily lemon fanfiction
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He feels her ribs, tangible only when he stretches to the side and holds his breath.The face staring back at him is that of a woman — fully grown but shockingly young.Watching himself in the mirror, his eyes almost glowing with intent, he slips his hands under his shirt and feels the smooth, soft planes of Lily’s stomach, already lean after Harry’s birth.But when the Polyjuice Potion is finished, Harry looks up and sees that the Room of Requirement has supplied him with a mirror, and he fishes Lily’s lock of hair out of his pocket automatically, without thinking.Holding a lock of hair in his palm doesn’t tell him anything about what Lily felt like — how it felt when she held him, how it felt when she hugged him.Not screaming, not afraid, and not in pain. OC. He thinks, deliriously, So this is what she feels like.Whether her skin was soft, whether her hair tickled his face when he tucked his head against her neck.He pinches himself again and watches blood rise to the surface in a flush.It’s wrapped up inside a bundle of letters addressed to Petunia; they look untouched, and some of them aren’t even open — and Harry wouldn’t have opened them either, if he hadn’t seen his mother’s name on the envelope.He kneels on the old creaky floorboards and holds his mother’s hair in his palm.It comes out wrong.Her collar bones don’t stick out like his do, though her waist is smaller, feeling almost cinched between his hands.The moment when he unfolded another yellowed piece of paper and watched that lock of hair drift to the dusty floor is frozen in his memory.The transformation is as painful as his last.He touches his cheek, watching the dainty hand move in the mirror. “Lily,” Harry breathes, and for the first time he can remember, he hears her voice.He sees them in his head as middle-aged, fitter and better-looking than the Dursleys but still comfortably old, reassuringly wise.He drags her manicured nails down his chin and then the column of his throat, noting the absence of his Adam’s apple, the smoothness of his skin.And then it’s over, leaving him with nothing but the memory of pain and a new face staring at him from the mirror.When he leaves for Hogwarts from Grimmauld Place, that lock of hair isn’t in his trunk.His spine cracks and realigns itself; his ribs push inward, aching miserably, stabbing into his lungs a moment before they change, too.Feeling strangely numb and strangely distant ( perfect conditions for an Occlumency lesson, he thinks wryly), he takes a drink. Loni loud.

32 updated! Chapter 1-26 edited (Some small changes).It is about Hermione being shagged by the Weasley twins.The well-intentioned fool won't even know what hit him.0 Modifications ? Manta2g, DemonGoddess Hosted by Nexcess Site Owner - Apollo.Hermione Granger has a desire to become one of Arthur Weasley's Muggle artefacts.Harry Potter Ginny Weasley Hermione Granger Luna Ron Spells Magic Book Wand Wizard Witch Invisibility Tits Boobs Ass Growth Expand Grow Breasts Expansion Lessons Secret Control Threesome. EPICNESSQUEEN — Yandere 2p England x Reader. Powered by Fiction Portal 2.Follow Harry and his friend as his fifth year at Hogwarts turns out to be his best ever.Each chapter introduces a new spell which will expand the story and enhance experiences.And with those searching, predatory eyes, she felt thoroughly exposed Language, Chap.He's young, handsome, Gryffindor's star Quidditch player and has a wonderful best mate in Neville Longbottom..Will he find the answers to his questions, or will she leave him answerless.This abuse control system is run in accordance with the strict guidelines specified above.They'd never thought they'd be fighting each other when they were younger, but everyone's born with a monster inside them and Scabior's had a loud voice.Certain studies would need to be expanded with practical work.Old friends and new spells break boundaries, change friendships and open up new realms for exploration.AKA, Daphne Greengrass and the Man-Who-Just-Won't-Die.Will they be forced to kill each other in the end.

harry and lily lemon fanfiction
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“Alright, Harry, Dahlia, I need you both to take your clothes off, and leave them at the side of the bed.In their mind, how could it be possible to remind each other that they loved on another without verbal means.” Harry and Dahlia looked at each other, with matching confused looks on both of their faces.In her seven-year life, it never occurred to her to even put anything where pee comes out off into her mouth: the thought just seemed common sense - gross, weird common sense, yet her mum had just put it inside her mouth with no complaint.He couldn't help it.and that Mum would know how to fix it and make them strong again,” Dahlia added. Blazamy. he sounded almost feminine, the way he let out such soft, ecstatic sounds.Eventually, it will reach a high point, a GREAT feeling, which will then be absorbed by the wards and power its magic. “Okay, Harry, there's something you need to know first before we start,” Lily knelt down at Harry's legs dangling off the bed. “Both of you, come with me to my bedroom.By stroking and sucking his pee-pee?” “One of the ways, yes,” Lily nodded, helping Harry up so that he could listen to the lecture as well. “Well, we need to reaffirm. “That's right, isn't it darling.” After a pause, Harry and Dahlia evidently decided to trust their only parent, and so they started to remove their clothes.At the same time, Lily felt Harry's cute little member twitch inside her mouth, seemingly trying to release something but lacking the means to do so, and it was then, as Harry gasped out, in sync with every throb, that Lily realised that she'd done it.At first, nothing seemed to happen, but after a few moments, Lily noticed her son's breathing becoming a little more hitched, and his penis was now beginning to harden to a more rigid stiffness.Why doesn't it last forever, then?” asked Dahlia, always the more curious of the two.” It then occurred to Lily that was quite a large word for such young children, “.Dahlia just demonstrated that she sometimes needed to remind Harry of that, even though they were a boy and a girl, with different interests, and that sometimes annoyed and frustrated each other, but forged a strong bond between them all the same.that is, until Dumbledore explained further what the MOST effective reinforcement method was.so what was.” Harry's cute sounds just struck a chord within Lily, now that the older woman thought about it. “What do you know about this house. WoT. “He's feeling the love flow through him, darling.Harry, I'll start by letting you see a way for me to show my love, okay.

Relacion basada en el BDSM, sadismo y masoquismo extremo, dominacion y esclavitud extrema.Working full time as an Auror and raising Teddy is simply exhausting. ?CAPITULOS CORTOS CON ACTUALIZACIONES SEGUIDAS.And why on Earth did she have to sleep with him on New Years.Advertencias: No soy experta en el BDSM y todo esto lo escribo a base de lo que conozco, lamento si hay cosas que no les parece pero mi idea se basa en lo mas extremo posible.She is Not Impressed. Reicheru. First she's a witch, there's a Dark Lord trying to murder her, her Godfather escapes prison, her Godfather is actually her father, she competes in a tournament, she watches her friend die, her father dies, she kills the woman who killed her father (her cousin- oops), and has to kill the darkest wizard of the century.. At All.Just Leave Her Alone screaming into the void It Doesn't Fix Anything But It Makes Her Feel Better Severus Snape Was Not Expecting This He Needs To Get Drunk To Deal With This There Is Not Enough Alcohol In The World Why is the Rum Gone.Maggie really just wants a second to catch her breath.Relacion consensual con un menor de edad.It wouldn't kill her to have one true college experience.A pesar de que no me gusta JK, su manera de escribir es fantastica y le debo mucho por esta hermosa saga.Deeply traumatized and fed up with everything, she repeatedly attempts to get the plot out of the way early, and is continually thwarted by a well-meaning-but-oblivious Albus Dumbledore.Yet, when both men die on the same day in a freak accident, and a strange man turns up at the funeral calling himself uncle, Lyra finally knew what Sirius meant when he told her sometimes you needed to do something bad to stop yourself from doing something worse.

harry and lily lemon fanfiction
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She stood a fair height, about five feet, five inches.One of those dangerous ideas was that he'd just run off and take his chances out there in the world.This caused his eyebrow to raise further as he watched her get off of the bus.It was almost like Dumbledore knew what was going to happen but perhaps did not figure out what was going to happen.Yet there was something keeping him from doing so.The fact that he had been placed back at Number Four Privet drive, after he just saw someone killed in front of him. Steven universe archive of our own. There were footsteps outside the door and sure enough, Dudley would be back in time for dinner.Absolutely none of them made sense and the redhead tried to push the hair out of her face.And some believed that with death, that was the end and there was no coming back.Petunia felt her entire perfect world crash down around her ears.Then again, there were whispers that Dumbledore and Snape were in a secret relationship which would explain why Dumbledore vouched for Snape and got him off of the hook of Death Eater charges.Of course, there were instances where an adventure was not necessarily a good thing but that was the common belief stated by some.The last thing she remembered, she was enjoying Halloween night with her husband and son. Harry looked around the street, Vernon had decided to yell at him for listening to the news yet again.Plus she suspected that the Ministry was keeping an eye on all magical activity in the area based on what she learned from her son's memories.Vernon found that fact out the hard way as he looked at him.Harry was not stupid enough to ignore the jabs in the Prophet at him and it would serve those ignorant people right if he just left them to Voldemort.She was all about exploiting the blind spots.Sure the hair was about the same in color and messiness, but there were other differences.It was really no use going over everything again.Hermione was motivated by books and a flawed understanding of logic, but Harry figured that had no place in many of the situations that he had to deal with on a day to day basis.Lily thought that through to the end, the old man was starting to lose his grip in reality.He noticed her eyes before, but he was unable to really mull it over properly until now. Naruto and kin fanfiction. Mundungus gulped and wished that his soul was sucked out along with the others.Because everyone would be shagging like rabbits otherwise.He had no idea why he trusted that this woman was his mother come back to life, other than it was a feeling that he had.

harry and lily lemon fanfiction

harry and lily lemon fanfiction

He felt that it was his noble crusade to save them from inadequate relationships, with other men.She closed her eyes as Harry emptied his load into her.She would need several more rounds than this.She slowed down her actions just a little bit, leaning down and pressing her heavenly mountains down on his chest, as she kissed him.With a low moan, Lily rolled the piece of banana inside her mouth.Lily heard the prophecy and knew that idiot Dark Lord would fulfill it because he was a paranoid nut job who believed in flights of fancy and fortune telling. Naruto son of magneto fanfiction. Putting a sleeping charm on them allowed him to do what he needed to do..He kept pumping into her from behind, squeezing her breasts from behind.His balls tightened and Lily smiled as she mentally counted down in her mind.Both lovers collapsed on each other each, winded, but ready for more, after a break.He did so graciously and dare he say it, a little greedily.He would have to put his mother top ten and there were a lot of lovely women vying for those for that spot.Today was a special day, it was Mother's Day.Lily gripped Harry down on the shoulders, as the minutes turned into hours and both of them continued the age old dance.She sped up, her hair flying as Harry stared at her beautiful face.Lily brushed her fingers off of Harry's cheek and she smiled.She slowly pumped him while kissing him hungrily on the lip.It was not that they liked Harry and Lily but they hated the Ministry.Her pussy tightening around his shaft caused Harry to grunt, seconds before he launched his thick cum into her.

harry and lily lemon fanfiction

harry and lily potter lemon fanfiction

Slowly and cautiously Harry opened his eyes and looked over at the girl.The original characters and plot are the property of the authors.Harry for his part let loose with an ejaculation that would have scared the bejeebus out of most sane men due to the sheer enormity of it all.The authors are in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.It was Andariel who noticed that the rain hitting the windows had begun to freeze over.Heaven is analogous to the Elysium Fields. Yandere Simulator Wiki. They had of course already stowed everything but their carry-on bags.Anyways, unlike what the Church currently holds as doctrine in most of its denominations, the Underworld is simply the location that those who wish NOT to spend eternity in the presence of God get to spend their said eternity.I will of course need to be Sorted once I get to Hogwarts, but fortunately Mum had one of her other daughters send in all the necessary paperwork for that to happen.And how do you even understand their language.Records have already been changed to show me as a cousin on your father's side who had up until now been attending a school in America.Both he and I agreed to these changes before I even bothered to begin writing important background information on each of the major characters of this story.He could determine these facts because the girl in question had promptly squashed his arm right in-between her breasts as she held onto it like a teddy bear.With that done, the girl retreated out the door and slammed it shut.

harry and lily lemon fanfiction

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She looked into his eyes, a spitting image of hers, as she sucked his lower lip very suggestively before kissing her way down his body.That had actually been a new experience for her—James had never brought her to orgasm.Harry collapsed beside his mum and turned her on her side, pulling her back against his chest.She had dressed simply in some tight jeans and a white tank-top, which had ridden up a little to expose the tiniest sliver of her thin stomach.It may have been the single most sexy thing he had seen in his life.She gently touched Harry's face and backed him against a wall, where she squashed her firm breasts against his chest. 5sos luke sick. His cock strained to enter his mother's tight canal, which was a hair's breadth from being impaled on it, and—.She ground her pussy into his face as she drew in shuddering breaths and gripped the headboard, her pussy clenching furiously as she tried to stave off her orgasm.He could feel his orgasm building up in his balls.She felt cum flowing out of her pussy and onto her inner leg, and realized that she had fucked her son.Then his sight traveled south to her bald pussy lips, which were puffy and wet, eager and ready.Harry didn't know it was possible, but he actually grew harder as he looked at her firm, tight arse.All she did was smile at him, though it wasn't quite her normal smile.He had grown into a very fine young man.When she got the piece of food out she popped it in her mouth, moaning at how good it was and exposing her pale neck to Harry as she tipped her head back in ecstasy.

harry and lily lemon fanfiction

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harry and lily lemon fanfiction

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